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Najwa Zebian Quotes With Beautiful Images.


The Break Your Back and Tell it’s Your Fault For Being in the Way. Najwa Zebian


Remind Your Heart That Kindness is Always the Answer. Najwa Zebian


You’re A Hero For Fighting, Whether You Win or Lose. Najwa Zebian


Broken Wings Are A Sign of Struggle and Strength. Najwa Zebian

i-have-scars-on my-bones-from-broken-promises-najwa-zebian-quotes

I Have Scars on My Bones From Broken Promises. Najwa Zebian

quote about reality by najwa zebian

The Reality You Live in is Partially Up To You. The Fantasy You Live in is Entirely Up To You. Najwa Zebian

your opinion of me najwa zebian

Your Opinion of Me Does Not Equal My Self-Worth. Najwa Zebian


Use Your Eyes To See into People’s Heart, Not The Way That They Make Their Hearts Appear. Najwa Zebian


My Scars Have Become My Friends, They Remind Me of How Brave I Was To Overcome The Pain of My Wounds. Najwa Zebian


A Pretty Face May Get You Attention But A Pretty Heart Will Get You Respect. Najwa Zebian


I May Have Been Successful At Giving But I Never Know When To Stop. Najwa Zebian


You Don’t Need To Explain Why You’re Protecting Your Soul From Harm. You Really Don’t. Najwa Zebian


Take Responsibility For The Choices You Could Have Made But Restrained Yourself From Making. Najwa Zebian


Don’t Keep Your Pain inside You. I Beg You. Don’t isolate Yourself. Don’t Feel Alone in This. Talk About it. You Are Not Alone. Najwa Zebian


The Truth Can Be Seen, But It’s Not Believed Until It’s Openly Said. Najwa Zebian

want quote by najwa zebian

Don’t Let Your Want Replace Your Need Because A Day Will come When You Will Lose What You Need To Get What You Want. Najwa Zebian

quote about being wounded

Do You Know What it Feels Like To Be Wounded and Told, That You Caused The Wound To Yourself By Choosing To Be Where The Harm Landed. Najwa Zebian


It’s Your Choice To Either Stay Halfway Through or To Continue Your Journey Once You Start it To Reach That Destination of the Person You Know You Can Be. Najwa Zebian

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quote about choosing or settling

If You Choose An Option Because it’s The Only One, Then You Haven’t Chosen. You Have Settled. Najwa Zebian

quote about disaster

You May Be A Disaster For A Day, A Month or A Year. Just Don’t Be A Disaster Forever. Najwa Zebian

dont be fooled quote

Don’t Be The One Who Gets Fooled By An Egg Dipped in Gold, At The First Obstacle, its Beautiful Covering Shatters and All That is Left is Nothing That Will Please Your Eyes. Najwa Zebian

quote about dreams and poets

We All Dream Profusely Every Night Yet By Morning We Have Forgotten Ninety Percent Of What Went On. That’s Why Poets Are Such Important Members of Society. Poets Remember Our Dreams For Us. Najwa Zebian


When You Know What Are You Doing, You Will Not Need To Chase Opportunities. Opportunities Will Seek You. Happiness Will chase You. And, Instead of Being a Choice, You Will Be The One Choosing. Najwa Zebian

najwa zebian quote about home

You Were My Home
For So Long
Now I Realize That Humans
Cannot Be Homes.
If Homes Can Leave,
Then They Are Not

Najwa Zebian

quotes about shine

To the heart in you, don’t be afraid to feel.
To the sun in you, Don’t be afraid to shine.
To the love in you, don’t be afraid to heal.
To the ocean in you, don’t be afraid to rage.
To the silence in you, don’t be afraid to break.

Najwa Zebian


For them to see you, Shine,
you must stay far away,
for you are just like the sun;
When you’re too close,
your light makes them blind.
And when you’re too far,
they seek you. So let them seek you.

Najwa Zebian

Don't break a bird's wings and then tell it to fly.

Don’t break a bird’s wings and then tell it to fly.
Don’t break a heart and then tell it to love.
Don’t break a soul and then tell it to be happy.
Don’t see the worst in a person and expect them to see the best in you.
Don’t judge people and expect them to stand by your side.
Don’t play with fire and expect to stay perfectly safe.

Najwa Zebian

Najwa Zebian Quotes About Letting Go


These Mountains You Were Carrying, You Were Only Suppose To Climb. Najwa Zebian


If They Don’t Appreciate Your Presence, They May Never Recognize Your Absence. Najwa Zebian

broke my soul quote

I Broke My soul Trying To Mend Yours. Najwa Zebian


Don’t Force Yourself Into Places Where You Don’t Belong. Najwa Zebian


Our Hearts May Ache,
For An Answer
But The Truth is.
The Lack of An Answer is.
Sometimes Better Than.
The Presence of a Lie.

Najwa Zebian


Close Your Door. If Something Belongs in Your Life, It’ll Knock. Najwa Zebian


Your Heart Will Heal.
I Promise You.
It’s Okay To Be Tired.
But Don’t Give Up.

Najwa Zebian


If It Hurts Your Soul, Let Go of it. Najwa Zebian

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If You Gave Them Once The Love That They Did Not Deserve, They Will Come Back For More. Najwa Zebian


I Left, Not Because You Stopped Wanting Me. I Left Because I No Longer Loved Myself By Loving You. Najwa Zebian

letting go quote by najwa zebian

I Spent More Time Getting Over You Than I Spent Falling in Love With You. Najwa Zebian

quote about pain

Never Wish Them Pain. That’s Not Who You Are. If They Caused You Pain, They Must Have Pain inside. Wish Them Healing. That’s What They Need. Najwa Zebian

najwa zebian quote about let go

What They Did To You Will Never Be Okay. But You Will Be. You Will Be. Najwa Zebian


You Turn Your Back On Yourself When You Allow Every Closed Door To Stop You From Moving On To The Next One. Najwa Zebian


If You Ever Get The Chance To Treat Them The Way They Treated You, I hope You Choose To Walk Away And Do Better. Najwa Zebian


Stop Dwelling in The Past. No, You Could Not Have Known Better. No, You Would Not Do Things Differently if You Went Back. No, They Would Not Have Treated You Differently if You Had Acted, Looked, or Cared Differently. They Are Who They Are Regardless of Who You Are. Najwa Zebian

Najwa Zebian Quotes About Life


Life is Not Fair, But We Can Still Choose To Be Fair Humans Even if Life or Other Humans Choose To Be Unfair To Us. Najwa Zebian

quote about being at better place

We Want The “Better Place” Without Risking Leaving The Place That We Are in Right Now. Najwa Zebian

quote about compassion

We Don’t Make Ourselves Compassionate; We Are Born Compassionate. Najwa Zebian

be kind quote

May Your Heart Always Be Kind Even Though The World Out There Could Shatter You For Being Kind. It’s Kindness That Makes You Brave. Najwa Zebian


I Am Not Better Than You Because of My Religion, Color, Culture, Education, Status, Wealth, Etc. I Am Not, And Beither Are You, I Must Accept, And So Should You, That There Are Differences Between Us That We Were Born into. Najwa Zebian


Don’t Blame Life For What You Do. That’s So Selfish and Ignorant On Your Behalf. Najwa Zebian

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Don’t See The Worst in A Person And Expect Them To See The Best in You. Najwa Zebian


Never Underestimate The Power of Fate. It Can Knock Down The Highest of Goals That Seem Guaranteed in Your Life. Najwa Zebian


You Can Draw a Path For Your Life and Have All of Aour Goals Set. You Can Change Yourself As Much As Possible And Change Things Around You Just To Reach Those Goals. Najwa Zebian


Life is About Giving and Taking. You Cannot Expect To Give Bad and Receive Good. You Cannot Expect To Give Good and Receive Bad. Does it Happen? Yes, But Don’t Make That An Excuse For You To Keep Doing What You Know is Wrong. Najwa Zebian

Najwa Zebian Quotes About Love


You Love Too Hard, He Said.
It’s The Only Way To Love, I Replied.

Najwa Zebian

najwa zebian love quote

You See, in Love You Don’t Get What You Want. You Get What You Think You Get. Najwa Zebian


If You Love Someone, You Love Them. You Don’t Allow Your Pride To Stop You From Expressing Your Love To Them. Najwa Zebian

love quote najwa zebian

I Hope You Find A Love That Builds You, Empowers You And Strengthens You. I Hope You Find A Love That Makes You Love to Love. Najwa Zebian


I fell in love with you
the day you showed me your soul.
And I spent days,
and a year and
part of a year
realizing that you covered
your soul again
because you could not handle
the love
that I was touching you

Najwa Zebian


You take the aches, out of my heartaches, and the pain, out of my brokenness. Before you, I never knew what, love was. And I never want, to know what love is, without you. Najwa Zebian

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